Mesa View Middle School Resource Officer Zachary Christensen Pleads No Contest to Abusing 11-year-old Girl

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I urge you to revisit your policies and training regarding use of force on school children by all officers. I trust that you will uphold your institution’s ethical standards and hold a man legally responsible for assaulting a child unprovoked.

A recent video from Mesa View Middle School shows School Resource Officer Zachary Christensen attack an 11-year-old special needs girl who walked out on the Principal talking to her, brushing by him as she passed. No assault had taken place (despite Officer Christensen stating that there was), and no crime had been committed. The girl was acting as a typical adolescent does when they are experiencing stress, which usually is not very well. Having special needs makes communication even more difficult and frustration builds. This is part of the maturation process of growing from child into adult. Instead of recognizing this normal preteen behavior, the officer instead decides to fly into a rage, and make the girl the target of his anger. She suffered a concussion and scrapes and bruises from being attacked by Officer Christensen. I am aware he has resigned, but I feel that is not enough. If any other person besides a law enforcement officer were to do the same thing, they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Why does Off. Christensen get a pass? He did not follow protocol, he did not diffuse the situation, he did not act in a fair, kind, or just manner. He needs to face criminal charges for his actions, as they rise above the level of incompetence to using his position of power to knowingly target, assault and abuse a historically marginalized (female, black, special needs) child.

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