Welcome to My Corner of the Great Pacific Northwest!

Only take what you need.

view of a calm river in the spring, with bare deciduous trees and green conifers, blue sky with white puffy clouds.
Cedar River in unincorporated King County between Renton and Maple Valley

Hi, I am Clem, and I have lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life. I am curious about the world around me, and the entire world. I have a lot of strong opinions, and have been writing my entire life. I want to share this with people and spread awareness of topics that are of interest to me, including but not limited to: Indigenous issues and equal rights, feminism, gender and sexual equality, representation, lifetime learning, nature, art, the anthropogenic effect, sustainability, multipotentialism, protecting the earth and its inhabitants, all the way down to the mycelium and granite.

Bald eagle along the Cedar River Trail, Haliaeetus leucocephalus

I would love to connect with other like-minded people through Pine State (b)Log. I hope that you will share your views with me.

Do the right thing…even when no one is looking.


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