Angel of the Winds Casino – 2018

row of electronic slot machines inside a casino
Photo by Daria Sannikova on

It’s about 2 am and my husband and I have been gambling for hours, and we decide to leave. My husband had a $300+ ticket in his machine. I gave him my ticket in with $0.07 on it to add to the balance. The machine spat out the ticket and he went to the machine to cash out. I went to the bathroom, and he’s at the machine and puts the ticket in; $0.07 comes out. He realizes what happens and goes back to the machine, his money is gone. We’ve been seeing employees all night long (the casino is almost completely dead by now), but suddenly there’s none to be found. We finally can get a hold of an employee, who hails another one to help us. A woman in a dress shirt comes and explains that they will do what they can to research it. Remember, there’s almost no one in the casino at this point. So, we sit and wait. And wait. We wait for over an hour, I guess hoping we’ll gamble away more money, but we’re so angry and shocked we don’t want to. So around 3:30 am (did I mention we were coming from Vancouver BC and had another hour or more left of driving?), another person in a dress shirt comes to us. But we know it’s not going to be good. He has $30 for us. No change, EXACTLY $30. Here’s their story: it was a tribal member, this was all he had left on the ticket (well, yeah, it’s 1.5 hours later…), and he’s going to repay it monthly. We immediately know this is Bovine Scatology but it’s now early a.m., and we still must drive home. We get some contact information for someone we can follow up with.

two people stand in front of a wall with rows and rows of security cameras, spaced closely together
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Now, if you’ve ever been in a casino, you KNOW THERE ARE CAMERAS EVERYWHERE. I’m sure they watched the guy walk up to the machine. There’s no way it should have taken that long with security and cameras. At any other casino, they consider that theft and will attempt to rectify the situation immediately. We could have found the person more easily ourselves in that amount of time, and we had no video evidence!

All follow ups with the contact information provided yielded “We never do anything like a payment plan.” Of course not. So, why weren’t we given the opportunity to hail tribal police and file a report?

We have never been back and never will in our lifetimes.

7 January, 2021 Update: We have still not been back to AOTW Casino!

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